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Join LET HER IN, an international network made up of public and private organisations, each with their specific expertise and experience, ready to share their knowledge, skills and values and collaborate with organizations that invest in human capital in order to eliminate the obstacles that women encounter in their equal educational, labour, political, social and civic participation.

Our aim is to achieve concrete outcomes in the areas of interest of the network and to influence policy and advocacy through social change.

Would you like to be part of the network?

Become a member of our partnership is easy and will bring you and your organisation staff many new international opportunities. If you’d like to have more information about the procedure and membership conditions, fill in this form and we’ll contact you.

Who can become a member?

A member can be an organisation of any type founded or run by women experienced in in the fields related to the network priorities and project development and management.

LET HER IN allows only one organisation per country of the same type (private or public company, University, NGO, etc.) to become a member.

What advantages do members have?

As a member of the network, you’ll be able to connect with new people and different types of organisations from all over the world, exchange ideas and approaches, and have access to new partnerships and projects.

What’s more, your already running projects and initiatives will be included in the Project Database getting wider visibility and increasing your audience and outreach. Similarly, LET HER IN members organise quarterly online dissemination events to promote members’ projects and issue quarterly newsletters where you can present your projects, activities, and outputs to an international community.