Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro (AEB) - Centro de Formação de Escolas dos Concelhos do Barreiro e Moita (CFECBM)

 Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro (AEB) is a public-school cluster and it is also the headquarters of a centre for teacher professional development named Centro de Formação de Escolas dos Concelhos do Barreiro e Moita (CFECBM).   CFECBM integrates 13 schools’ clusters. The AEB/CFECBM developed and implemented the internationalization process of the Teacher Professional Development Centre, which covers the needs of 1800 teachers.  AEB and CFECBM are 2 institutions in one and work together in Erasmus projects.  

AEB Cluster has 1135 students, with ages ranging from 5 to 15. It has 100 teachers and 60 nonteaching members of staff. It’s located in Barreiro, a town with 78,000 inhabitants south of Lisbon. 

 The mission of AEB/CFECBM is to promote high-quality teaching that enhances multilingualism, multicultural education, the academic success of all students and the achievement of high results in tests of a standardized nature, within the framework of promoting school health, inclusion, respect, tolerance and critical thinking. 

AEB/CFECBM is a reference institution in European projects and recent years has taken significant steps towards its internationalization, developing in students their intellectual, physical and artistic capacities, critical spirit and respect for others, instilling in them the principles and the exercise of European citizenship. 

AEB/CFECBM is guided by a clear, profound and demanding concern to reach students’ academic success. To achieve this, besides internal measures relating  to extracurricular activities for students have, for some time, made an effort to differentiate themselves from remaining. More specifically, it has developed eTwinning projects that have achieved national and European quality standards, which have allowed it to be distinguished with the eTwinning School Label (ID 38080) integrating Erasmus+ KA2 partnerships since 2014 and KA1 since 2020. 

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