Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

City Council of Zaragoza, department of EU projects has extensive experience in EU projects, dealing with internationalization through cultural, tourism, local development, environmental, entrepreneurship and quality management.

The municipality involves all the key actors in our city, as the city council of Zaragoza has an expertise in environmental projects and training courses, ITC courses, development cooperation at international level, and European Projects etc. It is one priority of the City Council of Zaragoza to spread and share the knowledge and specific skills in the area of adult education and vet education development to partners working in specific sectors ( tourism, cultural, logistics, environment,) as they are of the main economic activities in our city.

Further, the City Council of Zaragoza also participated in many projects which dealt with all these issues, to contribute to the exchange among many actors.

City Council of Zaragoza joins European call for proposals and projects both as project partner or leader and manages searches, vocational training courses, evaluation, guideline services and good practices spreading. Equal opportunities, social dialogue, employment, information technologies, education, agriculture, local development and business creation, interest subjects, working in partnership with private and public institutions, Universities, schools and National and European Associations.


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