VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI (EP) is non-governmental not for profit regional organisation with 7 staff members (trainers, social workers, sociologists, social programmes coordinators, etc.) researching, developing, organizing, providing, coordinating and supervising trainings in the field of non-formal education for various target groups as well for professionals and volunteers. Organisation has got enough methodologies (research, dissemination, evaluation, etc.) to carry out international projects.

Organisation seeks to: 

  • Promote, develop and implement the principles of lifelong learning programme in the sphere of non-formal, social and professional skills development, improvement;
  • Create non-formal education programmes for specialists working in the sphere of social integration and socialisation;
  • Training courses for educators: improving foreign language competences, use of digital tools, new teaching methods, blended learning
  • Organise training, prepare, implement national as well as European Union funded projects in the sphere of social wellbeing improvement as well as actively participate in the process knowledge-based, civil society creation.


EP carries out various training courses, seminars, conferences, meetings and other events (including practical activities) and provides services of information, counselling, mediating and educative activities to professionals and public. In the educational activities there are involved adults of all ages, starting with professionals of social work and care as well as civil servants, managers, entrepreneurs, communities, volunteers, etc. and ending with vulnerable and risk groups, e.g. long term unemployed, families at risk, young people at risk, elderly, etc. Through these activities organisation aims to assure the rights of target groups to different services which will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills, to become a major factor ensuring equal and full-fledged social involvement in life of the society and labour market, to represent the interests and to protect the basic rights of these individuals.
EP is an organisation skilled in managing projects and we have a wide experience, gained over many years, of working on both Leonardo and Grundtvig projects. Organisation has a range of internal policies and procedures in place that govern levels of staff that can authorise payments, signatories, payment documentation etc.


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