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VIOne Consulting was established in 2019 as a private company working in the field of life long learning education, coaching, mentoring, digitalization, mental health, services for children with learning disabilities and interventions in crisis, adults training and human resources management and development. The company operates on the territory of entire Europe, depending on the projects it has.

Our target groups are students, young people, who we could train and consult them in their professional path and professional orientation, career development and entrepreneurship, as well as vulnerable groups on the labour market, including unemployed people, marginalised groups, low-skilled and low-qualified people, economically disadvantaged people, teachers, trainers, etc.


VIOne Consulting offers informal and non-formal learning and aims to promote women participation in social projects and programmes at local level (cultural integration, volunteering, entrepreneurship…). All our projects and initiatives aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying out projects and programmes that promote life-long learning and develop participants’ communication, leadership and occupational skills. Our objective as a company is to develop new approaches and methods, which we could use for education, personal development, in our consulting and mentoring programmes. For example the digitalization of education. It is based on a new type of teaching and learning, and on facilitating new pedagogical solutions. Digital technology is linked to the learning process in a pedagogically meaningful way in order to enrich it. Information technology is an important tool for learning, thinking, data acquisition and processing, self-production and cooperation. That’s way we’re working on the field of digitalization to increase the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of education.

Our main goals are:  

  1. Informing, advising and counselling people on their career orientation – assessment of the capacity, competence and interests in connection with making appropriate decisions about education, training and employment.
  2. Working with teachers to increase their capacity and equip them with the new trends and methods in order to attract the attention of the learners.
  3. Formation of a motivational system for implementation in civil society.
  4. Organization of round tables, seminars, workshops and others regarding the problems of employment and unemployment.


We work with external experts, teachers, trainers, consultants and other part-time specialists on civil contracts depending on the topic and their expertise.

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