Ici & Ailleurs is a training organization dedicated to international mobility and language learning. Opened in August 2015, its creation is the result of the experience of its two founders in the fields of international mobility, training and integration. Located on the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, the island is part of an ultra-peripheral region of Europe located more than 10,000 km from mainland France. We specialize in the development and management of international mobility projects and our aim is to further develop our activities in this particular field. 

As part of our services we provide language training preparations for international mobility and pilot Erasmus + projects. 

Our public is made up of jobseekers aged between 18 and 60, business people, entrepreneurs and persons seeking vocational retraining. Our local partners are: The job centres, Public organizations working in the field of international mobility, Several training centres and some Companies. At the European level we have got several partners and intermediary organizations located in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, Malta, Spain, Italy Czec Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium.

Ici & Ailleurs has been in existence since August 2015, amended in 2020. Since that date, we have been an operator for Pôle emploi (The local job centre) to set up of their Erasmus + mobility grants for over 180 job seekers. With our expertise we built and managed the Learner and Staff Mobility projects, which were supported by the Southern Local Mission, sending around 140 young people abroad. We also propose and facilitate the preparatory actions for international mobility and act on several initiatives to integrate professional retraining and to prepare the return to the job market.
From 2018, we started developing hosting activities providing a large range of services to our students to enable them the best conditions for their placement on the island of Reunion. Our network enables us to offer work placements in different vocational areas such as tourism, catering, the hotel industry, business, marketing, logistic and others upon demand.
We also cater and provide several training courses in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French (Foreign language) to the staff of business houses, associations and also job seekers. Furthermore our organization has also been accredited to do the preparation of the Diploma of Language Competence (DCL) in English and Spanish.

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