We are a non-profit organization. We work on a local, regional, national and international level. The main objective of our organization is education (i.a. supporting, promotion and development of children and youth’s educational path), culture, art, promotion of health and sports, which is inspired by and based on our previous commercial experience. We also support new reforms in non-formal education, shape pro-European civic attitudes, popularize the idea of European integration and implement democracy rules. We also aim to raise all educational initiatives connected with human rights. The target groups of our activities range from pre-school children, through early school and young children, youth, adults to senior citizens.


Through our projects, especially addressed to youth and children at a formative age, we want to provide new solutions in various fields of social life especially to protect human rights and freedom and to make people treat each citizen equally regardless of their religion, beliefs and background or history, but also we want to entrench some universal values in them, teach entrepreneurship and equip them with transversal skills or abilities useful in adult life i.a: creativity, imagination, critical thinking, teamwork, independence, problem-solving, decisiveness, which are crucial in the labour market etc. We cooperate with various schools and organize plenty of public presentations, debates and conferences targeted at entrepreneurship and civic attitudes respecting EU citizens. In our actions we also handle migration problems.


Our foundation pursues the following objectives:

  • Educational and cultural activity, particularly aimed at developing young children or youngsters’ talents;
  • Supporting adult education
  • Initiating and supporting innovative techniques or solutions (different fields of social life)
  • Supporting non-formal education, through succouring reforms in education, the exchange of good practices and mobility of individuals (youth exchanges, voluntary service)
  • Shaping pro-European civic attitudes
  • Civic counselling
  • Popularizing new technologies in far-fetched counselling services
  • Protection of human rights and freedom
  • Vocational and social rehabilitation (NEETs)
  • Popularizing the idea of integration
  • Shaping and strengthening tolerance towards cultural and religious diversity
  • Implementation of democracy rules
  • Combating addictions, violence, racism, xenophobia, populism
  • Reinforcing European cohesion and the appurtenance to EU

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