Programme: Erasmus+

Number: 2016-1-FR01-KA201-024253

Years (start – end): 20018 – 2018

DYSPRAXIATHECA is the first European platform of educational resources adapted to dyspraxic pupils in French, English, Portuguese, Greek and Italian.

It aims to improve access, participation and performance of dyspraxic pupils, aged 6 to 16, within the education system. 


DYSPRAXIATHECA thus intends to bring practical solutions and tools to students, teachers and parents and to be a space for downloading and sharing future productions that organizations, companies, schools or individuals could produce. More specifically, educators, parents and pupils can have access to:

  • 50 Model lessons, on various subjects of both primary and secondary level
  • 50 Pedagogical Sheets with guidelines to parents and teachers to improve the schooling of dyspraxic pupils
  • A database of more than 100 interactive exercises in writing, reading, organization and calculus
  • A library of more than 500 classics with a layout adapted to dyspraxic disorders containing literature extracts and whole books which are included in the National Curriculum of both levels of Education (Primary and Secondary).


DYSPRAXIATHECA has been awarded with the Good Practice Label by the French National Agency in 2019.


Countries involved:
Coordinator: Les Apprimeurs (France)