OPEN IT UP: Boosting Adult Educators’ Competences to Upskills Pathways of Adult Learners

Programme: Erasmus+

Number: n. 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038085

Years (start – end): 20017 – 2020

This project, a winner of the EAEA award for the best EU project in adult education in 2019,   aims at extending and develop educators’ competences in the effective teaching of literacy, digital and entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable groups of adult learners, by making use of effective new tools and technologies.

“OpenITup” is an opportunity for both educators and adult learners to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be self-employed, a very challenging goal that seems and almost impossible without basic skills, such as literacy and -in the world of global digitalization – digital skills as well as basic knowledge of entrepreneurship concepts.

The main products and intellectual outputs developed under this project, available for all on the open platform are as follows:

  • E-course “Start Your Own Business” in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish. Available for adult learners and educators
  • Tool-KIT for educators with an ICT (innovation – communication-technology) approach, including ICT skills upgrading materials and teaching resources in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Webinars for educators with teaching and learning tools, mostly ICT and digital tools

Videos about start-ups in Europe, which provide practical and illustrative relevant information about how the ideas of the different businesses were born; problems faced and how they were dealt with; lessons learnt, etc.


Countries involved:
Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the UK
Coordinator: DomSpain (Spain)