READY WOMEN PROJECT – New opportunities of employment for social Inclusion of women with disabilities

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Programme: Erasmus plus KA204

Number: 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050765

Years (start – end): 20018 – 2020


General objective of READY WOMEN project is to offer new opportunities and innovative instruments to adult women with disabilities for improving their qualifications and thus their levels of employability and integration into the labour market, mainly through training actions aimed to the New Yields of Employment (NYE) and emerging sectors.


Specific Objectives

  • Increase the self-confidence of women with disabilities in an individual and collective way. 
  • Identify the existing relations between women with disabilities and employment opportunities and the NYE and the emerging sectors in The EU.
  • Detect the best practices in employment inclusion of women with physical /sensory disabilities related with NYE in The EU.
  • Emphasize the importance of training and improve physical /sensory disabled women’ skills keeping in mind that this must be a process of empowerment that will allow women to get the abilities to access to  employment, and to take advantage from the ICTs.
  • Create a virtual collaborative network of women with physical disabilities from EU’s partners areas    dealing with NYE and emerging sectors, with the aim of 
  • exchanging of experiences and expertise.
  • Implement a training course aimed to develop basic & professional competences and soft skills for women with physical / sensory disabilities.



  • Qualitative study on relations between disabled women (mainly physical and sensory disabilities) and employment opportunities on the NYE and the emerging sectors in each of the European regions covered by the Project.
  • Design of contents for implementation of a transnational training course aimed to staff partners on how to teach and train on basic & professional competences and soft skills for women with disabilities.
  • Development of educational content and subsequent implementation of a specific training course in basic & professional competences and soft skills aimed to facilitate the access to employment in NYE for disabled women, as well as training the use of ITCs.
  • Development of Virtual Community of European women with disabilities and training for employment in NYE, putting them in contact each other and with other disabled women already employed, in order to share experiences, knowledge, training, etc.
  • Pilot implementation of accompanying process to access to employment for participant disabled  women



Countries involved:
Spain, Portugal,  Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Latvia