Programme: Erasmus+

Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079193

Years (start – end): 20020 – 2023

COVID-19 an expectation of 20 million cases, 500.000 deaths, this declared a global pandemic has created an employment crisis across the world. The first who will be the most affected are people of low-income, refugees and immigrants, people from disadvantaged areas, the disabled, vulnerable women & unemployed youth. Nowadays EU, especially Italy and Spain are struggling not only economic crises, but also with a social crisis. Life will never be the same & being in a continuing changing situation, we must RESET & RESTART our lives and our careers.

The main aim of the project is to provide psychological/wellbeing support & professional guidance in the process of employability, and so the project targets directly adult educators, psychologists and social mentors. Project aims are to:

  • Develop training curricula adapted to the common professional profile of adult educators (TOT) in psychological guidance on changing career.
  • Develop an online course curriculum which assists in developing career problem solving skills to cope with their emotional, logical & practical needs. This online course will be available in 5 languages. Develop competences & skills of 110 professionals in adult education to become vocational counselors using short-term staff training & learner’s blended mobilities. Created an “Online Mentoring in career changing” This e-tool will be available in 5 different languages and the person who uses this tool will be able to mentor in his/her own language. And, increased the institutional capacity of 5 organizations in 5 countries.


Countries involved:
United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Romania, and Italy.
Coordinator: United Kingdom