Special Intimacy Needs Educator: Assisting differently abled people with the improvement of their emotional and sexual needs

Programme: ERASMUS Plus KA2 – Strategic Partnership

Number: 2018-1-LV01-KA204-046973-P1

Years (start – end): 20018 – 2020

The rights of the people with disabilities, including the right to information and education about sexuality, are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of People with disabilities and have been ratified by the European Union and all member states.

With open expression about sexuality and positive sexual or sensual experiences, people usually feel better, have a better self-image, become emotionally stronger and less vulnerable to sexual violence. They are even able to reduce medication in some cases. People with disabilities have the same needs and desires as other people, but often do not have the possibility and opportunity to fully live their sexuality. Aware of this situation, our project has as an objective to improve the general health and psychological well-being of persons with disabilities.

Education is one of the conditions for self-determination and empowerment and, in order to create the conditions for access the sex education, it is necessary to educate health professionals, social workers, caregivers, adult educators, parents as well as people with disabilities themselves.

This innovative project seeks to overcome barriers and prejudices in this sense. Its aim is to spread and promote in a new role, the European educator in special intimacy needs, who is assisting differently-abled people to improve their emotional and sexual requests.


Countries involved:
Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, Italy and Spain