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The Foundation for Education and Innovation “Zini” is a non-governmental organization located in Latvia. Organization was founded in year 2018 with the aim of improving life quality of adults, promoting their active citizenship and involvement in decision-making processes through education and innovation. Zini foundation was founded by a group of people with teaching experience and knowledge in various fields, such as social inclusion, technologies, education and training, culture and tourism and accessibility among others, with the aim of helping adults to improve their communication, digital and civic competences and skills and give them opportunities to develop their social, business and cultural initiatives. The main objective is to focus on the opportunities for them, especially from disadvantaged groups, such as seniors, the elder and people from rural areas, through organizing trainings, workshops, events and projects. To achieve this objective, the Foundation closely collaborates with public bodies, businesses, social and cultural organisations.

Zini Foundation acts in three main directions: 

  • Improve communication, digital, entrepreneurship, and civic skills of adults, through non-formal and informal learning.
  • Develop and deliver educational (including educational trips, events) and recreational programmes for adults and educators;
  • Help to create a dialogue between different community groups to mitigate conflicts and strengthen the cohesion; build relations with other youth organizations as well as educational and scientific institutions, universities, colleges.


At the same time, the objectives of the Foundation are innovation and education as well as support for democracy and the rule of law through: 

  • Activities supporting the development of initiatives, movements and civic societies as well as the values and standards of the functioning of public life in the Member States of the European Union.
  • Activities aimed at cooperation and integration of initiatives, movements, civic societies and states with other subjects of national and international law.
  • Activities promoting changes, designed to provide citizens, with equal possibilities for intellectual, educational, professional, social and cultural development and to fully exercise their civil rights.
  • Activities supporting security and public order, development of self-governance, education, culture, sports, cultural heritage, environment, health protection as well as the increase of availability and improvement of the standards of the functioning of other public and social services. 


The activities of the ZINI Foundation are based on the approaches of non-formal and informal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation, targeting cultural and social organisations, adult learners and educators working with them. These include networking and cooperation, educational projects, awareness raising campaigns, capacity building, organisational and individual coaching, mobilities. They collaborate with organisations with senior members from different regions of Latvia, not only from larger cities, but also from rural areas where there exist fewer opportunities for older people in the educational and cultural fields.

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