e-Nable is a Greek non-for-profit NGO targeting:

  • People with disabilities and their trainers ( for all fields: School, VET, Adult and youth education)
  • Active citizens for community development
  • Individuals who are seeking training in 3D Design & 3D Printing in order to support vulnerable groups


The Greek chapter of e-Nable community is welcoming the new makers and the families that need our support.

Our efforts towards this goal started on May 2018 after being introduced to the e-Nable community from e-Nable France, to a 3D printing seminar in Denmark. French team was and still is very supportive through the whole process of engaging e-Nable Greece. They donated a 3d printer and some spools of filament to get us started, as an e-Nable chapter would do to help others.

Since then we put all of our efforts to create a whole community, well structured and able to respond directly and efficiently to all the requests and goals we have.


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