Les Apprimeurs


Founded in 2013, Les Apprimeurs is a private company specialised in the creation of customized digital solutions for the education, culture and training sectors. We work to promote basic and soft skills and access to knowledge for all through a series of activities: 

  • Design and development of enriched digital publications for youth, school and university sectors and cultural and heritage fields. We work both as a publisher for our own books and as a service provider for institutions and publishing companies. 
  • Digital and educational projects development aiming at providing innovative reading, learning and creative solutions, with a special focus on accessible digital tools and contents. We are involved in several European projects as coordinator and partners. 
  • Workshops implementation around new publication technologies to encourage their appropriation by audiences with little or no access: workshop around the code, workshop around the writing of digital books….  
  • Training in digital project management for professionals and students both at university & schools

Thematic groups involved: Education, cultural heritage, technology, inclusion, environment

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