Microkosmos is an independent, non-profit, international organization established in 2016 in Italy. The objective of Microkosmos is to promote diversity, interculturality and raise awareness of different cultural expressions and their values in order to encourage the development of cultural interaction with the goal of bringing people closer together and closing the cultural gaps.

In the beginning, the main activities focused on promoting and spreading Greek culture, both classic and modern, at national and international level.

Microkosmos aims to promote: 

  • The activities that help people improve their creative thinking and their awareness of cultural and educational diversity in Europe, and in parallel to reinforce the EU identity.
  • Cultural accessibility through adapting and transcribing the cultural, scientific and legal texts.
  • Publishing activity through releasing and / or distributing books, multimedia tools, studies or researches.
  • And organize or participate in training activities (seminars, conferences, training and educational courses, labs, training workshops etc.).
  • Artistic creation and Interculturalism.


The organization operates based on the principles of social solidarity with an interdisciplinary method for the cultural growth of the person – of any ethnicity and origin – favoring instruments of interpretation of the different artistic and socio-cultural realities. The philosophy is to recognize the individuals, and provide them with tools, knowledge and a voice..

Finally, the association organizes annually innovative seminars regarding the cultural heritage and the arts addressed to young people, disabled, (im)migrants and refugees in collaboration with the University of Turin.


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