Count me in: Improving civic competences of adult learners through digital tools

Programme: ERASMUS Plus KA2 – Strategic Partnership

Number: 2017-1-ES01-KA204-037924

Years (start – end): 20017 – 2020

The Erasmus+ “Count Me In” project aims at supporting development of a quality learning offer in the field of adult education focusing on promoting the use of technology in educational and civil participation processes. We believe that even basic digital competences combined with imagination can empower ordinary people to design solutions for problems in their environment, making  it smarter, conserving resources, and optimizing free time. Using sensors, detectors, analyzers, switches, along with computers, tablets and smartphones can be also of a great help in learning and civil participation processes, and can provide efficient and cost-reducing solutions for personal and community’s problems. We want to raise curiosity of adult learners about the world. When we have done it, the imagination and curiosity of our learners will do the rest.

Partners have developed:  

A SMART DATABASE with the following sections:

– EU Smart Projects – successful projects implemented or under development in EU countries in areas such as water management, waste management, energy management, urban mobility, e-governance, citizen services and data-mining;

– Smart Ideas- existing and developed tech solutions for common EU problems;

– Smart Changes – good practices in the above mentioned areas.

AN E-LEARNING PLATFORM with teaching and learning materials and an e-Course “Digital Tools for Smart Development”


Countries involved:
Spain, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Poland and Croatia