Creative digital transformation: Adapting local cultural, touristic and educational activities to a new virtual paradigm by creatively digitalising community offers


Programme: –

Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA227-ADU-008153

Years (start – end): 20020 –

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that many sectors are not prepared for the current digital area. Although digital technologies have been introduced to our societies at a gradual and slow pace, many do not seem to have been adapting to them at a similar pace, and the sudden stop of offline and face-to-face life has caught them by surprise.

Over the last months, our society has realised how important culture is for our personal well-being and for the society as a whole. Creative Industries have been able to connect people with themselves and with each other and have been able to keep people motivated, inspired and willing to transform their new realities.

In a world where we are all fighting for a place in the market, only the most creative and innovative will achieve their goals. Thus, the project aims to reinforce adults’ professional competences and skills in all aspects related to creativity, to accelerate the transformation of their professional activities, to inspire them to do it creatively and to help them manage and disseminate them in a successful and effective way.

The Creative Digital Transformation project will accelerate digital transformation of entities, SMEs and organisations in the target sectors (creative industries, culture and tourism, and education) via creative and innovative solutions, by strengthening their workers’ competences, and by reinforcing the cooperation and networking within them.

Direct target groups:

  • Professionals: educators, touristic and cultural workers and professionals from Creative Industries 
  • Managers: directors and representatives of the educational, cultural/touristic sectors and Creative Industries.



  • IBoost digital transformation of cultural, educational and touristic activities currently organised at a local level.
  • Develop new tools and resources that enhance and accelerate the acquisition of professional skills of adult learners.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of art, culture and education in the development of resilience and creativity.
  • Reinforce creative skills and competences of workers in the educational, cultural and creative sectors to create, manage and disseminate goods, activities and events.
  • Create synergies and networking chains among local actors in the field of education, culture and tourism by establishing new collaboration models via virtual means.


Project results:

  • Visual Virtual Map of European Good Practices of creative strategies to digitally/virtually transform activities at a local level.
  • Development of two online courses “Digitalisation of materials and events”, one for educators and cultural/touristic staff and one for managers and representatives.
  • Cycle of webinars: training webinars on creative process planning.


Countries involved:
Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania and Estonia.