Programme: Erasmus+

Number: 2017-1-FR01-KA201-037433

Years (start – end): 20017 – 2019

Access to knowledge is made extremely complex by the lack of resources for deaf children, these are almost non-existent. The vast majority of the learning resources used are too complex for a deaf student: too much text, videos with voice-over and/or subtitles that confuse their attention and hinder their understanding. This leads to a rapid demotivation in a school environment.

This is why it is crucial to develop an offer of adapted content that no longer focuses on the

written word, but on «visual» teaching.


OPEN SIGN is an innovative teaching and learning platform based on visual communication

for deaf children. By offering resources, designed by mainly deaf technical and pedagogical teams, OPEN SIGN aims to support children in their discovery of the world and to support those involved in education for deaf children.

OPEN SIGN aims to provide practical solutions and tools for students, teachers and parents

and to be a space for downloading and sharing future productions that organizations, companies, schools or individuals could produce.


OPEN SIGN gathers thematic videos, educational sheets, games, manual activities and ebooks in French, Flemish, English, the Italian, Romanian and German. 


OPEN SIGN has been awarded with the Good Practice Label by the French National Agency in 2020.



Countries involved:
Coordinator: Les Apprimeurs (France)