SKILLS 4 FREEDOM Artistic Paths to Develop the Professional Skills of Prisoners


Programme: Erasmus+

Number: n. 2015 – 1- IT02 – KA204 – 015070

Years (start – end): 20015 – 2018

This project, acknowledged as a good practice by the NA of Italy, aimed at fulfilling specific needs for:

1- Acknowledgement of the transversal and specific (artistic) professional skills developed by prisoners in order to improve social reintegration.

2- Highlighting the social work that artistic companies carry out in penitentiary institutions.

3- Creating an innovative network system of socio-economic agents and labor market public offices so to improve the employability of ex-prisoners.extending and develop educators’ competences in the effective teaching of literacy, digital and entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable groups of adult learners, by making use of effective new tools and technologies.

The main intellectual outputs developed under this project, available on the open platform are as follows:

  • Common European Framework in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish. 
  • Online Course for educators “Acknowledging the Skills, Valuing the Professions”
  • Operative Guidelines for the management of professional skills-developing projects addressed to prisoners 
  • European Database matching job offers to professional profiles 


Countries involved:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey
Coordinator: ARCI Liguria, Italy