It is an international network made up of organisations with diverse expertise and experience, ready to share their knowledge, skills and values

in order to eliminate the obstacles that women encounter in their equal educational, labour, political, and social environments.

Fields of action

Through mentoring, consulting and implementing education and capacity building European programmes, LET HER IN experts aim at supporting European citizens, with a special focus on women, in a variety of fields, starting from education, moving to the workplace and including civil  and social participatory processes.

Education and Training

For an open, accessible, and long-life learning approach in education and training

Cultural heritage

For tangible and intangible cultural heritage accessible for all


For ethical, inclusive, and safe sport


 For more sustainable communities and resource-efficient, green, and competitive low-carbon economy


For open, respectful of personal data, and less energy-consuming digital tools and platforms

Gender Issues

For new and innovative solutions to achieve gender equality

Civil participation

For fair access and equal and effective civil participation

Human Rights

For justice and freedom of opinion, expression, and choice

Accessible Environments

For diverse and inclusive environments


For effective networking connecting entities and communities

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